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List of LERTI publications

Information reports
Information reports are intended for prosecutors, inquiry judges, police investigators and customs investigators. Certain of these reports are public reports. These include:

  • Information report 01: Data stored by GSM telephones and SIM boards
  • Information report 02: Hard disks: operating procedure
  • Information report 03: Methodological stages of electronic investigation
  • Information report 04: Terminology (public access)
  • Information report 05: Numbering of reports (public access)

Technical reports
Technical reports are intended for police investigators, customs investigators and legal experts. Certain of these reports are public reports. These include:

  • Technical report 01: Confiscation of GSM telephones and SIM boards
  • Technical report 02: Confiscation of computer equipment
  • Technical report 03: Seagate Date Code (public access)

Mission protocols
Mission protocols are intended only for use by inquiry judges and prosecution courts. None of these documents can be accessed by the public. They include:

  • Mission protocol 01: Expert examination of computer hard disks
  • Mission protocol 02: Expert examination of GSM telephones and SIM cards
  • Mission protocol 03: Expert examination of smart cards and swipe cards
  • Mission protocol 04: Expert examination of Internet usage
  • Mission protocol 05: Expert examination of Pocket PCs, PDAs, organizers, cameras, USBs, microdrives
  • Mission protocol 06 : Expert examination of GPS

Other documents
We can also provide other types of technical documents.

Pay attention to the document status: “Draft” means that the document has not yet been accepted. It is identified by a version number lower 1.00. “Adopted” means that the document has been accepted.

Access to public documents: Click on the links below

> 20061119-LeMonde.pdf
> 20070305-LoiCollegialiteJI.pdf
> CommuniquePresse20070129.pdf
> CommuniquePresse20080407.pdf
> CommuniquePresse20080407.txt
> NoteInformation04-v1.20.pdf
> NoteInformation05-v1.00.pdf
> NoteTechnique03-v1.01.pdf
> NoteTechnique03-v1.02.pdf
> motomoviefinder.tar.gz
> rapport_Corbo.pdf


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