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About us

The laboratory was created in 2004 by five legal experts in computer technology and a former police officer from the cyber crime branch (the INL) of the French criminal investigation department (the IRCGN), all of whom were convinced that electronic investigations, both legal and civil, needed to be performed by a specialized laboratory.

All those who work for the LERTI laboratory are highly trained and have unequalled experience in all fields of misuse or illegal use of data, and more generally cyber delinquency and cyber crime.

They are well equipped with both hardware and software that are references in electronic investigation.

They have developed analysis procedures for each of the data media they have had to deal with (in particular hard disks, USBs, PDAs, smart cards, swipe cards, PIN cards and mobile telephones).

They are members of several professional forums that group together experts world-wide and take part in seminaries on electronic legal investigation.

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