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Computer forensics and investigation

LERTI is a computer forensics laboratory specialized in data recovery and searching for traces left on all types of data medium (in particular hard disks, USBs, PDAs, swipe cards, smart cards, PIN cards, and mobile telephones). We can perform all types of electronic investigation as well as e-discovery.

We can recover erased data from many devices, especially mobile phones and GPS. Lerti has developed a new an innovative way of chip-off : The Frigida Via. About it, watch a beautiful video.

Our laboratory can cover the whole of France and Europe.

We work for all types of businesses, both small-scale and “world companies” who need services such as:

  • Reports from an independent laboratory
  • Proof of electronic fraud within or against their company
  • Evidence of misuse or illegal use of data
  • Electronic evidence collection for legal or civil action purposes
  • Recovery of deleted, hidden or encrypted data
  • Visible trace recovery: find yours!
  • Technical support for litigations or to avoid litigations
  • Fight against Cyber Crime.

Individuals can also use our services (to solve malicious phone calls, for example).

LERTI take only a few hours to deploy a technical platform anywhere in Europe, with all the equipment and human resources required to work on a very large number of devices 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A feat we have already achieved!

We can start investigating right after any type of electronic incident or accident. In some cases, we can also take preventive action if you have suspicions.

Our services can provide a means of mediation and conciliation, an alternative to legal action between companies.

The LERTI laboratory takes part in several international forums and seminaries in the field of computer forensics.

The LERTI experts have carried out over on thousand investigations spanning the entire range of data technology and telephony fields, and have acted on behalf of a wide variety of businesses, administrations and individuals.

The LERTI laboratory often works with the forensics laboratories of police services from France and several European countries.


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