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Data search

Our data search services cover all functional space supporting data and metadata: we can draw up histograms showing the frequency of use of files or directories. This can provide lots of information about how a person uses a computer.

Our specialty is finding and reconstructing – partly or wholly – data that have been deleted, modified, or erased by reformatting.

Depending on the type and age of the formatting, LERTI can partly or wholly reconstruct the old file system.

For data media that use file systems, our search uses the entire disk space and in particular:
  • Non-allocated areas
  • Cluster stacks
  • Space between partitions.
  • For mobile telephones and SIM cards, our search services can (among others):
  • Recover phone books
  • Recover deleted text messages
  • Search for all traces of any type of deleted file (video, sound, etc.).
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